Industrialization has reached a point where people try to automate almost every process they do daily. What to say about when it comes to business. However, until now, relationships with customers, at least in the medium and small business, for some reason are often carried out without the introduction of automation and sufficient attention to accounting. In this article, we decided to characterize the effective CRM, as well as to tell you how the life of the company differs before and after the implementation of the system.


A company without a CRM system and a company with a CRM system can be compared with two trains. However, the first train is an old slow train, and the second is a modern, highly comfortable express train, reaching the final point twice as fast. Of course, under the condition of a competent thinking engineer.

The CRM approach has a great future. Once, advertising was considered the engine of trade, and factories tried to produce hundreds of thousands of identical commodities. Today it’s not enough to produce goods, it needs to be customized, adapted for the needs of a particular individual. Marketing starts with the idea of producing a product or the idea of rendering a service, production is adjusted to the production of more and more customizable products, advertising provides awareness of the availability of goods, and CRM allows you to close the whole cycle by “right” working with the client. The company that has mastered the technology of CRM, can be ahead of its competitors.